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Historical Fiction Unit Directions

Intro and First character Blog - March
Second character Blog - March
Third character Blog - April
Final I movie due - April

In class we are reading and learning about the characters and historical fiction books. While we are working in class, you will also be doing some independent reading at home with historical fiction books. Below are your directions.

1. Choose a book that fits under the genre of historical fiction

5. While you read, you are going to create a series of video blogs about the book you are reading. See Blog directions below.

6. Once you finish the book you will create a final activity about the book you read.

a. See the directions for the blogs and the final activities below.

b. Also watch these examples for help!

Video/Audio Blog Instructions

You are going to create a minimum of 4 blog entries about the book while you are reading it. Below are a list of the entries you must make. You can either use audacity for sound entries or a flip/web cam for video entries. The length of each blog has to be an absolute minumum of one full minute.

I HIGHLY recommend that you take notes while you read or use sticky notes to help you remember important parts for your blogs. It will save you a LOT of time and stress in the long run!

1. First Entry, After you have read the first 1/3 of your book

a. Now you are going to take on the role of one of the main characters and explain what is happening in the book from their perspective.

b. Use your best acting skills to become the character and explain the setting, the other characters and what is happening in the book so far! Include important details about the character and the events in the book.

c. Don't forget to BE the character and tell us how you are feeling, what you are thinking, etc. Don't just retell basic information from the book. While you are retelling the information, you should tell us the character's thoughts and feelings the best you can!

3. Third Entry, After 2/3 of the book:

a. Come back as the character and explain to us what has happened since the last entry!

b. Be specific and give us good details from the story.

4. Fourth Entry, End of book:

a. Come back as the character and explain to us how the book ended.

b. What was the problem?

c. How was the problem solved?

d. What happened to the other characters in the book etc.

Second Book Directions
  • You can choose any historical fiction book you want for your second book
  • You can read this book at your own pace and do not need to complete any responses
  • When you are finished with the book you will complete a final project comparing the two books. See Mr. Smith for these directions
  • Be sure that all work is completed by the due date at the top of this page.

· Ask a friend
· Re-read the directions
· Ask your teacher