Hi I'm Haven,I hope you enjoy my wiki!!!(-:
I enjoy reading, horseback riding, playing soccer, laughing, and of course, Fangirling over One Direction. I personally think there should be no global warming, a cure for cancer, no homeless, and a picked up environment. I really think we should all pitch in to saving the earth. I have an amazing mutt, Jessie, An older sister, Siena, who is 14, an older brother, Chris, who is 12, and there's me, Haven, 10, & the youngest.My favorite food, (not dessert) is potatoes, and i enjoy all outdoor activities too(canoe, scooter, bike, gym, swim, horse back ride, soccer, other sports, ect.) I can not pick a favorite dessert, but my favorite sport is horse back riding, no doubt. I am loving my 5th grade year, & that's just a bit about me!!

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