10 year old boy works with his teammates to score a basket.
Great clip about helping others and "strive for success"

This is about a boy who hasn't scored a basket and a player on the other team passes him the ball just so he could make a shot.
Clip that would work for "respect" and "encourage the rest" and "accept"

This clip has a player in a moral dilemma, as he touched the ball last but the referee didn't see and gives the ball to his team.
Clip for "be your best"

Autistic player goes into the game and starts making all his shots. Ends up on ESPN.
Clip shows "accept", "encourage the rest", respect

A basketball player has a physical disability with his hand. Works harder than anyone on his team.
Clip for "strive for success" work hard

This is a local story from Rochester
Basketball player who was the manager but gets his time to shine in a game.
Great for "accept" and "strive for success"

Lots of words about working hard and never giving up.

Michael Jordan- commercial about failure "strive for success" "be your best"

Great wheel chair women's basketball player story. "Respect" "strive for success"