I have been lucky enough to teach at Quarton for over 11 years now. I have taught both 4th and 5th grades over the years. I love to stay involved at Quarton by being on the Leadership team, the character ed team and other committees!

I graduated from Oakland University.... twice. Once with a degree in Spanish and again with a degree in elementary education. I earned my Masters degree in Educational Technology in 2012 from Central Michigan University.

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My favorite part about teaching is working with the amazing students we have at Quarton. I also enjoy making learning engaging and interesting for my students by doing activities that get you moving. Some examples are building roller coasters in science and playing tug of war in Social Studies.

I have a dog named Mocha who is probably the coolest and cutest pit-bull mix that you will ever meet.

Mocha...breaking the couch rule


I LOVE the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers. Some of my hobbies are kayaking, reading, and trying to become a better golfer...but aren't we all?!

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